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Free to Shine

Free To Shine focuses on child protection through education.  The nonprofit organization is human rights based and works diligently to strengthen families and keep children in school.

Panthera firmly believes that education solves so many issues, potentially leading to successful adults having the capability to make an impact in the lives and future of others.  In countries such as Cambodia, a solid education can be difficult to achieve, particularly for young girls.  Families face many challenges from simply providing for themselves to safe drinking water and access to electricity.  Often young girls are kept at home to take care of the home and younger siblings; and therefore, they do not attend school.

Free To Shine recognizes these factors and the negative impact they can have on achieving an education.  Through their scholarship program, young girls are given the opportunity to attend school, receiving an education.

In the Fall of 2017 Panthera became involved with Free To Shine by providing scholarship to a young girl from a village outside of Siem Reap.

Depicting the life of many young Cambodian chidren
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