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How it works:

During the NCAA tournament, one exercise is paired with a NCAA BB team.  The exercise follows the team throughout the tournament. 

Note: NCAA team selection announcement was March 13, 2022.  Students filled in the BB teams in the corresponding Division and on the corresponding line after the selections were made.

Students must complete all exercises each round AND send a pictures throughout the competition.  Complete exercises any time during the day of each round.

Thanks to MSU students: Christian Baty, Mackenize Dekker, Jenna Hemmes, Delaney Mabrito, Brieanna McFarren, Chloe VanSickle, Jessica Zahm, (University Hawaii, Hilo) Emery Eberhard, (Colorado College) Eileen Miller, (Pacific U) Kara Nishida & Riley Sato, (George Fox) Evan Richards, (University of Rochester) Liz Wing-Daniels for participating! 

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